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A simple product shoot

Nowadays your cell phone can take fairly good pictures – so you don’t need to invest in a good quality camera if you just quickly want to snap some images of your product or service. Sure it’s good to hire a photographer to do the job for you but a little unnecessary if it’s only a once off thing for a small target market.

Elements you need to keep in mind is good lighting – natural light is always the best (I would say). Do a little mock-up for yourself, define the size of your focus point and how much space you would need for the shoot. I enjoy combining my work with natural elements working with plants and flowers. Experiment with this and see what works best for your brand.



It can be a little tricky getting the setup right – but if you have an eye for creativity it will be fairly easy. Personally, I like to change up the backdrop or table top – using different types of material, wood or grass.

Always make sure the focus point is your product and that the extras are set in a way that it doesn’t draw attention away from the focus point.

Don’t over clutter – remember less is always more (so cliché – but its true)

Finally taking the photo is as easy as one, two – what is that shadow doing there. Your first shot won’t be perfect, in fact, it never is. Lighting and shadows can be an issue – if you are working on a table, try moving it around until you are happy.

A trick I learned is to take a piece of cardboard and wrap it with tinfoil to use as a reflector, but if you have the right equipment, by all means, please use that.



After the final shot – take your images into Photoshop or any other editing program and change the brightness, enhance the colour – all that’s necessary for you.

It takes a little time and effort, but after the final images are done you can sit back and enjoy the feedback – might even get a few extra sales, just by drawing attention to your product form your target audience.




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