Design & Branding for Designers

Let’s talk about design and branding for designers.

This is something that is dear to me – not just branding but the whole concept and process on how it’s done.

At design school, they teach you to think outside of the box – be different and create something unique. Don’t get me wrong, yes that is what you should focus on, but they don’t teach you communication skills and how to understand your client. You would get a brief and everything is put out for you – all the hard work is done, what a bargain!

No, the process before the actual design work gets done is usually the hard part.

Understanding your client, and know what they want – it’s a tricky mess when they say “let me draw it for you” or “I want an actual logo instead of a font”.



So where do you start?

Don’t talk in design terms – be clear what you say and always make sure they understand you. Give them options, but not too many that you confuse them. Listen to what they have to say. If this design brief is not your style – make it clear to them and let them understand you. After a meeting take a moment and put everything you discussed on email.

Make a Mood board for yourself or share it with your client – this is an easy way to let them understand you and your design style and what you have in mind for their brand. The client can also let you know if you are on the right track, or completely lost the plot.


So after the hard part is done the fun begins – saying this, you wouldn’t have gone to design school if you didn’t have a thing for it in the first place, hey?

Over the years you build up a relationship with your clients, and it’s great to have this continues thing going. Yes, you get your lows and clients can bring you down – but keep your head up and keep doing this thing you love.


Project – Re-brand: Rejuva Spa

Design: NikiDesign Studio






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