Firstly I’m not like those travelers that go around the world to all the fancy and exotic places. Although I do have a few places on my list that I would love to visit one day.

Here I’m taking you to all the special places around my home South Africa and surroundings. We are so blessed with a diversity of beautiful locations and scenery around us, but we don’t always get to see what South Africa has to offer.

Being a lifestyle/wedding photographer as definitely taken me to places that I haven’t been before. Experiencing venues, wine farms and hidden locations around South Africa. I will most definitely be sharing this with you too. I’m always lurking around looking for the perfect photo opportunity and scouting out new locations for my clients.

When we go on vacation we usually pick a place “off the grid” – we love camping and experiencing nature in its raw form. I’m not one for glamping or going to commercialized places. Experiencing what nature has to offer, exploring secluded beaches and being under the clear night sky stars – is priceless.

Unfortunately we don’t get to travel as much as we would like with regards to work, but whenever we get the chance we make to most out of it.

Looking forward to sharing our next travel or beautiful location with you. Giving you all the juicy detail and sharing our experiences.


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