Before I point you to my shop page I would love to share a little story with you.

Most of the items in my home are either second hand, recycled or self-made. That’s what I thrive off, not buying an expensive item but actually making and creating your own that’s true to yourself. I see potential in everything and I’m lucky to have the ability to picture a finished product or space before I even start the recreate or paint.

I spend most of my money at second-hand stores and hardware stores. I also spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook Marketplace – but that’s a different story.

Side note – I’m extremely blessed with a handyman. My partner does all the heavy lifting with bigger projects like, installing an old door in the kitchen and grinding walls. So I don’t do everything myself. We make a great team, as I can envision something and he can put it together (after a long discussion of – I know it’s not practical, but it looks nice…)

So I’m using this platform to share my projects and creations with you – as I feel we all should live in a beautiful space and be surrounded by the things we love.

With all this mind I created an online store where you can purchase décor and gift items that can spark joy in your home or space or as a gift for someone special.

The store offers a small selection of stationery items and décor-gift items. These are products that are designed by myself under my brand NIKIDESIGN STUDIO or from local businesses and once-off collections. New products are always in developing and stock will be refreshed or re-designed ever so often. I hope you find the same love and joy in these products like I did creating and choosing them for you.

I attend a few local markets every year where you can experience my products first hand – dates and markets will be announced in my Newsletter and Social accounts when they happen. So keep an eye on those if you don’t want to miss out. Then I also have a home studio where I work from and here I have my products on display – it’s open per appointment or when I host open days.

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